Behavioral Consultation

Parenting doesn't always take a linear path.  If your child exhibits behaviors that are challenging to deal with than behavioral consultation may be a path you would like to consider.  The goal of Behavioral Consultation is to combine parent training with a complete assessment based on the principles of Humanistic Applied Behavior Analysis.  This strategy includes a multiple-step-approach that involve a complete assessment process geared to address a wide variety of challenging behaviors.  Behavioral consultations are appropriate for children of any age and can address problems such as self-harm, aggression, tantrums, non-compliance with requests, and more.  

Consultation begins with intake and evaluation.  The next step will be the development of a custom plan of intervention that is individualized to meet each child and families need.  A typical treatment approach involves parent education on basic behavioral principles as they relate to your specific child's needs.  A detailed assessment phase will include a review of any relevant documentation, observation in relevant settings, and collaborative implementation of a treatment plan that is designed to meet the needs of your child and family.

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