Organizational Consultation

Meeting the needs of small businesses, tailored to suit you and your business, optimize time, internal processes, and profits.
Business Meeting

Organizational Consultation takes its roots in organizational psychology.  The overarching goal is to assist business owners in improving the productivity and profits of its organization by paying particular attention to the behaviors of its employees and working to improve their overall social and emotional wellbeing.  This is often done through a goal planning meeting, observations, interviews, and structured process improvements.  Other interventions include retreats, conferences, and staff training.

Staff Training

Business Conference

Staff Trainings may be conducted on a variety of individually targeted needs.  These range from creative customer service to positive behavior supports, to crisis management.  Contact us for an initial consultation!

Organizations that work with Children

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For businesses such as childcare, gyms, and medical offices specialized consultation is available.  Behavioral Psychology is full of interventions that can be tailored to meet specific needs.  Consultation may be focused on improving group behavior, staff competency and overall customer services.