The key to Individual Therapy is to accept that "Individual" is not just a buzz term that is overused.  Finding a treatment modality that works for you is as important as finding your self.  The process of Behavioral Health work is intended to be a journey where the client works with the clinician to uncover truths that may otherwise have been hidden. Our goal, here at Mettle Works Behavioral Services is to pair the client with a Clinician best suited to guide them along their journey, creating the ideal environment for personal growth.


The process of group therapy is meant to be a collaborative effort where all group members bring their diverse experiences towards one joint purpose.  Each person has a distinctly different background that somehow shares a similar theme and each member works to serve as both a sounding board and a support network.  The group alleviates feelings of isolation and puts each members problems into perspective.  Groups are offered on a seasonal basis, based on interest. 


"Nothing is better than enjoying life with the same person you struggled with" - Author Unknown.  Couples work is perhaps the most challenging. Two people who started out as partners working to resolve the differences that arose.  Taking a uniquely behavioral approach this meditative modality of Couples Therapy is a unique blend of modalities that is offered, a Screening and Intake is required before acceptance as clients.


Divorce Mediation & Separation Mediation is offered in conjunction with Legal Services or without. 

Conditions apply, E-mail for details, consultation fees apply.